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USA45 Racing Goes Back to School

Last week, USA45 visited several local schools in Tiburon where they answered questions from kids of all ages grades K-8, and signed team photographs. The team talked about the AC45 boats, hobbies outside of sailing, their own sailing ventures, and the importance of working as a team to achieve their goals. Even the youngest of fans were eager to ask the sailors questions about the wing sails, the foiling AC72s, and if they had ever encountered a shark on the water (which was actually a yes!). Each of the sailors walked away from the experience with a smile on their face and ink smeared on their hands from signing hundreds of pictures, yearbooks, shoes, and even a few foreheads. The team would like to thank the Town of Tiburon for organizing all of these assemblies and wishes all of the kids a fun and safe summer! (Photo: Jake L. being swarmed by students at Bel Aire Elementary School for autographs. Photo Credit: Ron Steinau)