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Q&A with Nevin Snow

You jumped into match racing at a young age. What made it so appealing?

I instantly enjoyed the intensity and competitive nature of match racing. With each race only being about twenty minutes and most regattas ending with a semifinals and a finals, the premium that match racing puts on your ability to perform under pressure every day is unmatched in any other type of racing, and that is what really drew me in.

Does any race in particular over your match racing career stand out to you? 

Winning the Governor’s Cup in 2011has been my favorite so far. I was sailing with two of my best friends, Jake La Dow and Jake Reynolds, and it was near our home town of San Diego. We had also set out a plan to win the Gov Cup the year before right after the 2010 event, and to execute that plan and accomplish our goal was the best feeling.

As a freshman at Georgetown this past fall you earned All-American honors, an accolade not normally received by freshman. Tell us about that.

It was an honor to be named to the All-American Team and a nice culmination to a great year for Georgetown Sailing. We performed extremely well as a team which is always the main goal, but the individual honors proved to me that the hard work that goes in each and every day at practice does make a difference. I’d say more than anything, earning All-American just makes me more excited for next year.

As a tactician, how will your match racing skills translate into the fast-paced fleet racing to be seen at the RBYAC?

In match racing you are always trying to be a step ahead of your opponent so that you are always ready for whatever they do next, and the same goes for racing the AC45. Everything is happening so fast that the tactician needs to be able to think two maneuvers ahead to be able to make the proper calls in time.

A known avid reader, what book are you reading now and what is next on your ‘to-read’ list?

I just finished Book of Honor by Ted Gup as well as the new Dan Brown book, and I’m actually about to reread one of my favorite books Moneyball.