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Regatta Wrap-Up: F18 Worlds

We chartered an F18 from a friend who had the boat in Belgium. We spent a day setting the boat up and changing out some lines and rigging on the boat. We then had 5 days at the event site before the regatta officially started. This consisted of 4 days of training and a day off to rest before the races started. We also measured and weighed the boat during this time. At F18 Worlds, they split the entire fleet into 4 separate fleets for 6 qualifying races before they decide the Gold and Silver fleet. They rotate between the 4 fleets, racing two at a time, during the qualifying series. We were in Red Fleet.

Day 1:
The first day of the regatta started out fairly light, but fortunately picked up just before the first race started. It was overcast with a chance of rain, but the breeze was in the low teens. We only were able to get one race of because of a couple storm clouds that come through right after the first finish. We raced against the green fleet and finished 7th in our fleet. We were then tied for 7th after the first day.

Day 2:
Day two we had better conditions and were able to get off three races before a storm came through once again, preventing a fourth race from being held. The wind was decent, starting around 8 knots and picking up into the low teens. We had a successful day, receiving a 21st, a 5th, and a 7th, making us tied for 9th place after the second day.

Day 3:
During day three the plan was to finish our last two qualifying races, go in to decide Gold and Silver fleets, then go back out on the water for a third race, starting the final series. Unfortunately we only were able to do the last two qualifying races due to multiple protests holding up the division of Gold and Silver fleet. We had two great races to finish up our qualifying series, a 4th and a 12th. The wind was great on day three, around 13-16 knots. At the end of the day and the division of gold and silver fleet, we were sitting in 8th place, a proud moment for our team during the regatta.

Day 4:
Day four was a difficult day due to both very difficult competition in Gold fleet and a couple bad starts. We had a decent first race, finishing in 19th. The second race was our throw-out race, a 38, due to my trapeze breaking right at the start, making us have to work our way back from nearly dead last, around 70th place. The third race wasn’t a terrible one, but we had a really bad start and finished in 29th. We dropped back to 20th at the end of the day.

Day 5:
The final day of the regatta was a light one. We did pretty well considering we don’t usually do well in light breeze. We got off 4 races and got a 30th, an 8th, a 21st, and a 34th. We jumped up from 20th to 16th and managed to secure our title as Youth World Champions the second year in a row.