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The Challenge

The Challenge

The America’s Cup is the oldest trophy in sports history, and is recognized as the premier sailing event in the world. Happening only once every three or four years, the America’s cup is extremely rare for the best sailors to win, let alone a bunch of kids.

This upcoming America’s cup has a twist that has never been seen before in the Cup’s history. America’s Cup and Red Bull have designed a component supporting teams aged nineteen to twenty-four to compete for the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup.

The Red Bull Youth America’s Cup will take place between September 1, 2013 and September 4, 2013 on San Francisco bay in the exciting AC 45 catamaran. The format of racing will be fleet racing taking place close to shore next to the Embarcadero. Two American teams were selected by Oracle Team USA through an extensive application process and selection series. American Youth Sailing Force will represent the city of San Francisco, and USA45 Racing will represent the United States as a whole.

America’s Cup, Oracle Team USA, and Red Bull have been very supportive in the push to engage younger sailors in the America’s cup, giving them a chance to compete on sailings biggest stage. It surely will be exciting to watch the best youth sailors from around the world compete in the world’s most demanding boats!