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Gearing Up, An Engagement, and Formula 40 Sailing

Above: Matt, Jake R., Nevin, and Coach Charlie aboard the MOD 70 Orion

The past week has been busy in the countdown to the beginning of AC45 training. Nearly everyday in the past week we have been fortunate to continue to practice on Peter Stoneberg’s Formula 40, Shadow. Our time on the boat has shown great improvement in many vital areas of the team, mostly of which will be transferrable to sailing the 45’s. On Wednesday, August 7, we were able to go sailing on the Formula 40 with Dee Smith. Dee had worked for Team New Zealand at the World Series events in San Francisco and taught us valuable knowledge of the racecourse. We were also able to do a few laps before and after the LV Cup Semifinal race on the course. Another day on the City Front that should allow us to hit the ground running once we are able to sail our AC45 there. Thank you Dee.

But what was not only a productive day for USA45, was also a very interesting day. Earlier that morning, while rigging the Formula 40, 2 reporters (male and female) from Fox Sports Tampa were at the dock to partake in a day on the water with us. While heading towards the City Front, the two rode on the catamaran with us to get a feel what sailing the boat was like. Towards the middle of our sail out, we found that our teammate Sam was holding the camera and filming them. After a few minutes passed, some of us on board began to notice something a little strange about the way these two reporters were talking and canoodling each other. It turns out the reporters were a couple, and Sam filmed the proposal on the trampoline of the Formula 40, right in front of everybody!!! It was quite a funny and random event, but we feel honored that these people wanted us to “apart” of their “moment”. When I talked to Sam about it, he said, “I don’t know. Speechless. Pretty unexpected.” Anyways, congratulations…

On both the 6th and 7th, a majority of the team was able to sail on the MOD70 Orion. Sailing on the MOD is a blast and a tremendous experience as these boats are incredible. Sailing in the Bay provides for a lot of crew work, and those of us who were sailing were able to get some good time grinding, and learned some good lessons while doing the bow on this machine. It was a great time and we continue to Thank Tom Seibel and the Orion crew for having us back again.

At the end of this week we begin our onshore Red Bull Youth America’s Cup activities at the ACRM facilities, then will be able to launch our AC45 this weekend and begin to sail next week! Stay tuned for more updates on our AC45 training and Thank You for your continued support.

Peter Kinney, Bowman, USA45 Racing