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Charlie Buckingham: Days 1 & 2 on the 45

The final training period for the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup has begun. On August 12th, each of the ten competing teams were given their AC45’s. August 13th and 14th were the first on the water training days for all of the teams.
Team USA45 racing has been working hard for this period all summer. The lead up has been filled with on and off the water preparation geared toward making us better as a team and putting us in a good position for the competition. We’ve certainly learned our fair share and have become much better sailors, athletes, and people in the process.
The work has paid off. The first day of sailing on the 45 saw our team get quickly re-acquainted with the boat on the south bay. The second day saw flawless 10-15 conditions on the city front of San Francisco, our competition area in September. Beside the perfect conditions, our team performed well on the water and were reminded of how exhilarating these boats can be when sailed properly.
We’re going to keep working hard the next couple of weeks to make sure our boat, bodies, and minds are in the best condition they can be leading into the competition. Stay Tuned for updates.