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Weekend Report: Photoshoot

With the start of the Louis Vuitton Cup Finals this weekend, there was plenty of fanfare around the AC Park. Saturday’s session was intended to be a photo shoot with Oracle, and for the first time all 10 of freshly branded AC45s lined up for the cameras. Seeing all ten boats blasting downwinwd with their gennakers deployed was quite the spectacle. Prior to the shoot starting, the team was able to get in nearly an hour of light air training. We typically arrive at the boat at 7:30 am to start rigging, so when the radio hail commencing the practice session arrives, not even a second is wasted.

Sunday brought similar conditions during the morning session. Bowman Peter Kinney took a tumble overboard coming out of a tack. Kinney was sitting forward of the cross beams (a light air weight placement tactic) where there is not much to hold on to. As the team began their tack, he slipped off the side of the boat and straight into the water. However quick reflexes let him grab onto the stern scoop and pull himself back up onto the boat.

The team is getting very comfortable learning the unique reaching starts that will be used during the RBYAC.