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Tuesday Recap: Practice Races and Media Evening

Above: The team intently listening to Coach Charlie Ogletree as they discuss tactics between practice races.

Tuesday marked the first official day of practice racing. Full electronic equipment on board, same marks to be used in the race, and even the same start boat making signals to announce the start sequence. Quite the spectacle seeing all TEN AC45s gunning for position on the same starting line; and subsequently blasting off on the first reach after the start.

Tuesday was a learning day for USA45. Today provided the first window of opportunity to see where we need to focus for full-race mode. These boats have proven to be a difficult boat to master, so training at this point is as much about time on the water as it is about debriefing and deconstructing our moves once we’re off the water. We’re continuing to ascend the learning curve.

IMG_1858Following the day’s practice, the team was treated to a fantastic evening throughout their ‘Official Home’ of Tiburon with members of local media. Pictures were snapped and questions were asked as the team met with several journalists from around the area, discussing USA45 Racing, its regimen and its origin. With fantastic food provided at each stop throughout the city, good times were had by all, leaving the team eager to learn from the days lessons and improve for tomorrow. BIG ‘Thank You’ to Tiburon Tavern, Guaymas, the Water’s Edge, the Main Street Wine Bar, Salt & Pepper, Servino’s and Sam’s for providing entertainment for the evening!

Above: USA45 Racing members pose with KCBS “Eye on the Bay” host Liam Mayclem (second from left) at The Water’s Edge in Tiburon